Long Beach-Yokkaichi Sister City Association

Trio Cultural Exchange Program

The Trio Exchange Program was established in 1964 at the request of the Mayor Wade and the City Council of Long Beach.  The Port of Long Beach accepted the financial sponsorship and the program received approval of the Mayor and City Council of Yokkaichi. Since the founding of the program, the Long Beach Unified School District has supported the program with teacher and student candidates for selection as “Goodwill Ambassadors”.

The purpose of the program is to allow two students and one teacher from the Long Beach and Yokkaichi schools to visit the reciprocal sister city on alternate years and share their culture, knowledge and experiences with their fellow students and teachers.  Typically, one male and one female student are selected.  Each trio member will spend about 10 days with one family and the final 10 days with another family.

The very first group of Long Beach Delegates was sent to Yokkaichi in 1966.  Upon their return they presented educational programs about their experiences to more than 6,500 students in the Long Beach schools.

See our Testimonials Page for comments from past Trio Members.


Interviews were held and three ambassadors, one teacher and two students, were selected:

Marybeth Murray, Assistant Principal, Barton Elementary
Lily Brossus, Student
Aidan Harper, Student

The three will stay with host families during their 3-week stay in Yokkaichi.
Departure Date:  July 20, 2017
Return Date:  August 8, 2017

Past Trio Goodwill Ambassadors

2016-07-28pm - Beach Party (14)

2016 Trio from Yokkaichi, Japan, at the Cabrillo Beach Party.
Students Hiroki Yoshikawa, Akiho Tanaka &Teacher Arisa Nishio.

2015 Trio in Japan (5)

2015 Long Beach Trio in Yokkaichi, Japan.
Kneeling:  Student Michelle Rufino.
Standing (from left): Teacher Joe Aihara and Student Sebastiaan Blom.

2014-06 Yokkaichi (1 of 159) (15)

2014 Yokkaichi Trio at Long Beach Welcome Party.
Students Ayami Yoshikawa, Misako Kitagawa,
 and teacher Megumi Kondo.

2013-07-26 - LB Trio Photos (2)

2013 Long Beach Trio
Teacher Trisha Krug and students John Huynh and Tanya Nguyen
 with Yokkaichi Mayor Toshiyuki Tanaka and Speaker Kazuma Doi.

1968 trio

1968 Long Beach Trio
Teacher Richard Miller, and students Elaine Cole and Ronald Bemis.