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Testimonials from Past Environmental Summit Delegates

Colin Keiko Mullen
2013 Environmental Summit Student Delegate

Dear Pusavat Sensei and LBYSCA Board Members,

I wanted to share what a wonderful time I had as a 2013 Environmental Summit Delegate. All of the tours, presentations and activities that were arranged for us by ICETT and the City of Yokkaichi were very informative, fun and they gave us a great way to get to know the delegates from Yokkaichi and Tianjin. My favorite part was interacting with the all the other students because I love knowing how similar we are even though we come from different cultures. By the time we worked together on our presentations, it was easy to work together, even through the language differences.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. This is an experience that I will never forget.  Arigatou Gozaimashita.///

Colin Keiko Mullen

Anne Gundry, 2011 Environmental Summit Chaperone

Dear Yoko,

Thank you so much for the beautiful book celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Yokkaichi- Long Beach Sister City Association.  What a wonderful book!  It brought back many fond memories of my travels to Yokkaichi.  I know that for me as for the students who have gone, it was a life-changing trip.  I use so much of what I learned in Japan in my classroom especially during the Ecology Unit.  Looking through the book allowed me to see the long history of the Association.  I saw some of the people and places that I remember from my trip. In reading the names of some of the past participants, I found out that some of the children of my friends have been on the Trio program (1984 and 1992)!  I hadn't known that before.  I'm still in contact with Gage (he plays in a band called Hedgehog Swing that I see from time to time). Madison stops in whenever she's around.  I have Kevin Melvin's little brother as a student this year.  Every year, I look for the origami festival at the Japanese Garden. 

Thank you so much for sending this lovely gift - the book and the wonderful memories.///

Anne Gundry

Jose Castorena
2008 Environmental Summit Student Delegate

Hello Pusavat-sensei!

I myself was very excited when I found out that I could attend Berkeley! I definitely plan to make good use of the resources available!

I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep in touch, but senior year has been nothing short of hectic for me in between college applications and studying for the A.P. tests.

Although it was two summers ago, I still hold the memories of Yokkaichi, my fellow delegates, and the people who helped it all come together dear in my heart. Going to Yokkaichi was definitely a life  changing experience to broadened my views of the world in a great way! I still haven't lost my love for Japanese, and I still continue my studies as passionate as ever. In fact, I am planning to pursue a double major in both Computer Science and Japanese!

I think that the environmental program was an invaluable experience, and there is nothing else like it!

Thank you once more for your wishes of success! I hope that I will continue to strive forward!  Thank you Pusavat-Sensei!

--Jose Castorena


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